You've stumbled upon something pretty special.

Welcome to Smash.


Hey, I'm Ashley - but you can call me Smash.


Aussie born and bred, I'm a roamer with a knack for words and an undying curiosity. 

Since I was nine years old, I knew I wanted to write. I wanted to have people from all over the world read my words, and be inspired by the stories I would tell. I wanted to leave my readers with a new idea or concept they hadn’t before considered, and influence their opinions on the world. I particularly liked how newspapers left their mark on readers, tattooing their skin with black ink, a physical representation of what I hoped to achieve with my words.

Decades have passed since this fantastical mini-me was ‘publishing’ her own newspapers from the likes of her bedroom. I grew up to spend four years at Brisbane’s answer to Hogwarts, studying Journalism and Communication. I had my sights set on becoming the next lob-laden newswoman to sit behind the desk of a major television network, with a resonant voice beckoning families to welcome me into their living rooms.

I made two promises to myself in those four (exhaustingly long) years of study – to never compromise my morals, and to always challenge unfairness and inequality. While working on that dream, I began on another – Smash.

I’m a serial dreamer who believes in many things. I stand by Marvin Ashton who said you should always leave people better than you found them, and to have an innate understanding that always sees the good in people. I also believe it’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.

But more importantly, I believe I was not born to blend in. Nobody was.

There’s something incredibly isolating about the world we live in. It’s easy to detach yourself from the hundreds of faces swimming in a crowd – but haven’t you ever wanted to stop and say hello? I have.

Because everyone has a story to tell, value to give, and something to offer the world.

We shouldn’t accept things as they are. We should challenge our thinking – regularly. Which is why I want to change the dialogue, to change how we see passing faces, and how we view diversity by voicing the story behind those faces.

An adventurer seeks out new discoveries, learning about the world, people, and things that surround them. What I’m seeking is to build bridges between countries and cultures, to connect communities on a global scale.

This is a place to tell stories, to celebrate individuals, experience adventure and encourage diversity from across the globe. This is my lifetime adventure project. This is Smash.